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Going into business is incredibly easy. Staying in business is harder. That’s where we come in. We help you build the bridge between your business goals and your business realities.

Know where you are going

Visions and Business Vision


Know How you are going to get there


Know who will help you

Budget and forecasting

Plan your finances

Productivity and Processes

Ensure you can provide the product

Human Resources

Bring in the right people

Do it!

Implement the plan

Monthly management meeting

Monitor the Plan


Profits increase/ Dreams become reality


Thexton Cowan Consulting combines together seriously talented business advisors with robust and proven systems and processes to effect meaningful change. By change we mean business results that are aligned with the business owner’s intent, priorities and aspirations.

  • Increased profits!
  • Increased growth!
  • Increased value!

We know that at every stage of a business’s life, there are competing priorities. Our job is to help the business owner manage those priorities and maintain control while continuously improving the business outcomes.

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As Business Success Partners we are individuals who have a wealth of experience both in business and in helping businesses lead programmes of effective change.

We are smart and likeable people who have ‘been there’ and earned our stripes in all kinds of business environments. What makes us special is our ability to authentically question and listen to help a business owner gain clarity and develop clear, resilient and realistic plans for business improvement.

We respect your unique talents, knowledge and skills. We’re plain speaking and easy to work with. Most importantly, we can help you fast track your business goals.



Bruce is one of the main reasons I joined Thexton Cowan Consulting, he has been and continues to be a great mentor. I highly recommend him to any business who wants to take their business to the next level.
Bruce has a wealth of business knowledge which he utilizes with his clients. He is results oriented and desires the best for all he comes in contact with. He serves in a various capacities in the community through networking and business development.

Susan Cooney

Business Success Partner – Whangarei

Susan Cooney

Susan helped us to realise that we already had most of the bits in place we just needed to be more structured and have our plans, processes and systems all documented

We would recommend Susan, as she helped us along the correct paths to defining our business objectives the documentation and resources supplied were extremely relevant and helped us to develop not only the business, but ourselves personally.

Brett & Jo-Ann Hogan

Kamo Parts, Whangarei


Brett and Jo-Ann Hogan

Bruce has been a major influence on the development and growth of Local Works. An impressive knowledge, calm confidence and incredible knack of asking hard questions has made him a valuable ally in an often complex environment.

Ian Leader,  Local Works – Change agent and Broker

Ian Leader

The leadership road can be difficult to navigate at times, with so much demand on your time, distractions abound and it’s easy to get lost in the day to day activities. I chose Susan Cooney as part of my mentorship team because I saw the need to have someone outside my organisation to be accountable to and to help me determine what my priorities need to be for each 90 day period. Susan is not just a mentor, she has a deep understanding of the needs of leaders and is very skilled at guiding me to find the right solutions for my current challenges with absolute devotion to helping me become the best I can be.To effectively run a team, some guidance is essential. Susan Cooney is the rudder for my ship.

Graham Lester Director Maggie Dixon Real Estate

Since Susan has been working with us at Jae, she’s not only helping the business. She has gone the extra mile and helped me personally by referring myself and my family to other organizations. She works from the heart, not just as a business person!

Sarah Ritchie Warren Jae Northland

We recently decided to engage Susan Cooney from Thexton, Armstrong Cowan to work with us in moving our business JAE Northland into a more dynamic and prosperous business, working with us on not only the companies Vision but also our personal vision. Susan is very professional in the way she conducts herself and her business dealings, but also very personable. It is a pleasure to undertake this journey together, and would thoroughly recommend any business looking to undertake a Business Success Programme with Susan or any one of the Partners from Thexton, Armstrong Cowan.”

Helen Ritchie Owner Jae Northland